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List of prices for all of our tests
All prices in Canadian dollars

Test Price
Paternity test 1 alleged father and 1 child
Maternity test 1 alleged mother and 1 child
Tests while pregnant
Prenatal paternity test 1 alleged father and 1 pregnant mother
Parentage testing
Sibling-ship test 2 alleged brothers or sisters
Avuncular test 2 of Aunts, Uncles, nephew or niece
Grand-parent test 1 grand-parent et 1 child
Twin test 2 twins
Ancestral origins tests
Ancestral origins test - races Your percentage of DNA associated with multiple races
The price is per person.


List of prices for the options

Option Price
Add an additional person the price is for each person added
Professional collection in a clinic The sample collection will be done by a nurse in one of our clinics. The price is for two person coming together.
Legal paperwork for the test to be admissible with the government in order to make official changes such as the name, the custody, the inheritance, etc.
Special or discret samples Ex: kleenex, toothbrush, hairs with root, clothing, blood, etc...
Tests while pregnant
Prenatal paternity test test an additional alleged father

pp means "per person"


How to do the test?
Select one of the three following options.

Option 1 Come to one of our clinics

1 Call to book an appointment.
1 800 830-6306

2 Come to your appointment in one of our service locations.

3 The nurse will collect the saliva using mouth swabs.

4 The analysis will be done in the laboratory.

5 Get your results!
by mail and/or
by email.

Professional collection

Option 2 Order a home collection kit

1 Order a kit online or by phone. The kit is payable with Visa or Mastercard.

2 Receive the kit at home.

3 Do the collection by swabbing the inside of the mouth.

4 Return the samples by mail for testing. The saliva samples will last more than 60 days.

5 Get your results!
by mail and/or
by email.

Order a home collection kit

Option 3 Send your samples directly to the lab

1 Print the form to fill. You will then do the collection using your own material such as Q-Tips. No kits will be sent to you by us.

2 Use Q-Tips if you intent to do a saliva collection by swabbing the inside of the mouth according to the instructions of the form. Alternatively, you can use discreet or special samples - see Special/Discreet samples.

3 Fill the page 6 of the form and include your payment: check, money order or credit card.

4 Send the samples by mail to our laboratory at the address indicated in the form on page 1.

5 Get your results!
by mail and/or
by email.

Send your samples directly to the lab



Many laboratories will test as little as 13 genetic markers and as a consequence will provide incorrect results once in every 100 reports. The tests proposed by DNAForce comprise up to 31 markers reducing the error rate to less than one in 1 BILLION.

DNAForce is a trusted name in Canada for paternity tests. All of the tests that we propose are done in an facility that is accredited by ISO 17025. You can view the accreditation certificate here.

A simple and painless mouth swab collection is sufficient to do a DNA test that will exclude paternity with an accuracy of 100% and prove paternity with an average accuracy greater than 99.9999%.

DNAForce offers the highest testing standards because we understand how important these results are.