Maternity test (Peace of mind)

Three easy steps

  1. Order your DNA test
  2. Upon receiving your DNA swabbing kit*, carefully follow the DNA collection instructions, place your samples and the paperwork into the DNA kit, and return it using the included pre-addressed return envelope.
  3. Our lab will analyse your samples, prepare your results and deliver your final report.

The test includes one alleged mother and one child. The results are issued in 8-10 business days counting from the day all samples are RECEIVED at our facility. Contents includes collection supplies for saliva using buccal swabs, return shipping supplies, electronic and paper copy of results. Additional options offered below.

* If you select professional samples collection as an additional option, a DNA Swabbing kit will not be shipped to you. Instead, after you place your order, an appointment specialist will reach out to you within 1 business day to schedule an appointment at the location of your choice.


Maternity test (Peace of mind)

Price: 295 CAD

Additional options


295 CAD +tax





A DNA test for maternity is the most reliable way to determine a biological link between a mather and her offspring.

A maternity test determines the likelihood that the tested woman is the biological mother of the tested child. A simple and painless mouth swab collection is sufficient to do a DNA test that will exclude maternity with an degree of 100% and prove maternity with an average accuracy greater than 99.9999%.

DNAForce is a trusted name in Canada for paternity tests. All of the tests that we propose are done in an facility that is accredited by ISO 17025. You can view the accreditation certificate here.

DNAForce offers the highest testing standards because we understand how important these results are.