The Legal/Official DNA Test



A legal/official DNA test for paternity is one that is required by the court of law or other authorities to establish a paternity relationship. It requires the identities of the participants to be clearly documented and the report of the test to be notarized. A legal/official DNA test is needed for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Child Support
  • Child Custody
  • To contest an Immigration Decision
  • Birth Certificate
  • Tax Requirements
  • Succession
  • Court Order
  • Adoption
  • Other Legal Reasons


What should you expect?

A nurse will take a swab from the mouth of each participant and send it to the laboratory, where DNA markers from both swabs will be extracted, analyzed and compared. The process of taking the swab takes less than ten minutes and is painless. The report of the test will be delivered to you by mail, email or telephone.


What does the report consist of?

The DNA test report will state clearly whether the older person is the biological father of the younger person or not, giving brief explanations of the various tests conducted. It will also contain an identification of the subject and a sworn statement by a witness. The report prepared by a professional laboratory is accepted as irrefutable proof of paternity by the court of law.


Additional Information

Call: 1 800 830-6306


Tested Parties

2 or more individuals

DNA Test Fee

395 CAD CAD + tax for two people for buccal swabs, other sample types variable - please inquire. Appointment fees of 100 CAD.

Results In

approximately 8-10 business days after sample receipt.