A DNA Test to determine your ancestry



The ancestral origins DNA test can reconstruct a part of the genetic history of the tested person. It will inform the participant about the geographic location of his or her ancestors. The report is very accurate and contains all of the major ethnic groups including First Nations or Native Americans. Your genetic population matches will be displayed on a world map. The darker regions corresponds to stronger matches. See this image for an example.


Primary Population Clusters

The ancestral origins test covers all primary population clusters as well as the most common genetic populations. The populations covered by the test are the following:

  • European
    • Northwestern European
      • British & Irish
      • French & German
      • Scandinavian
      • Finnish
      • Broadly Northwestern European
    • Southern European
      • Iberian
      • Italian
      • Sardinian
      • Balkan
      • Broadly Southern European
    • Ashkenazi Jewish
    • Eastern European
    • Broadly European
  • East Asian & Native American
    • Native American
    • East Asian
      • Japanese
      • Korean
      • Yakut
      • Mongolian
      • Chinese
      • Broadly East Asian
    • Southeast Asian
    • Broadly East Asian & Native American
  • Middle Eastern & North African
    • Middle Eastern
    • North African
    • Broadly Middle Eastern & North African
  • Sub-Saharan African
    • West African
    • East African
    • Central & South African
    • Broadly Sub-Saharan African
  • South Asian
  • Oceanian
  • Unassigned

Note and warning

An ancestral origins test might reveal surprising results about your past and your family history. For example, if your ancestral origins results differ significantly than that of your parents, we would recommend to do a paternity test or maternity test.


Additional Information

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Tested Parties

1 individuals

DNA Test Fee

$199 + tax for one people for buccal swabs. If professional collection is desired, the appointment fees are of $85.

This test must be done with mouth swabs.

Results In

3 to 4 weeks