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List of DNA Tests available

Paternity Tests:

+ Standard paternity test

A DNA test, typically a mouth swab test, to determine whether a man may be the father of a particular child.

+ Legal paternity test

Unlike the standard paternity test, the legal test comes with notarized documentation.

+ Prenatal paternity test

A paternity test done before the child is born from a blood sample drawn from the mother's arm.

Family Relationship Tests:

+ Siblingship test

A DNA test done between two brothers or sisters to determine if they are full siblings, half siblings or not related at all.

+ Grandparent test

A DNA test done between one or more grand-parent and a grand-child to determine if they are related.

+ Aunt/Uncle/Niece/Nephew test

A avuncular DNA test done between one or more participants to determine if they are in the same family.

Specialty DNA Tests:

+ Mitochondrial DNA test

A comparative test between two participant's mitochondrial DNA to determine if they have the same maternal lineage.

+ yDNA test

A comparative test between the y chromosome DNA of two participant of the male gender to determine if they have the same paternal lineage.

+ Ancestral Origins test

Ancestral origins test to determine your genetic tribe.

+ Test with special samples

Any of the tests described here, but using samples other than mouth swabs. Ex. Kleenex, toothbrush, hair, etc.

Getting Started

Can you do a paternity test before the baby is born?

Yes! The fetusSafe™ prenatal DNA test can establish paternity from the 9th week to the 36th week of pregnancy. The test is performed from blood drawn from the arm of the pregnant mother. The foetal DNA circulates in the mother's blood and it is compared with that of an alleged father for signs of compatibility. The test is 100% guaranteed to be accurate. We encourage you to call one of our paternity experts for a confidential consultation at 1 800 830-6306 or read more about the fetusSafe™ prenatal DNA test.

What do I need to do to get a paternity test?

Either use our online order form or call 1 800 830-6306 to speak with one of our agents. They will evaluate your unique situation and recommend the best DNA testing service to answer your paternity questions. When you are ready to proceed, they will arrange a sample collection appointment that is convenient for you.

Why should I choose your company?

DNAForce is Canada’s most trusted DNA testing laboratory. Our advantages translate into accurate, reliable testing and top-quality customer service for you. To name just a few:

  • The results are covered by warranty.
  • We have multiple locations across Canada and around the world to server you better.
  • All DNA test performed by us are accredited ISO 17025.

Price and Payment

Do you have payment plans?

As part of our mission to make the best DNA testing services accessible and affordable, we offer flexible payment plans to individuals who need time to pay for their tests. To have a standard paternity test started, we only require a nonrefundable partial payment of $175+tax. From there, we will do our best to accommodate your payment needs. Please note that your test results can only be released once the balance is paid in full. To discuss your payment options in more detail, please call one of our helpful case managers at 1 800 830-6306.

Sample Collection

Do you have a sample collection location near me?

Because we have sample collection sites all over Canada, we will be able to schedule an appointment for you quickly - often on the same day that you call. Please call 1 800 830-6306 to make arrangements right away.

What happens if the tested parties live in different cities or countries?

We can schedule an appointment in different cities. Alternatively, we can ship a collection kit to each address of the participants. The kits will have the same tracking number and can be returned independently to the lab. We will correctly match the kits upon reception. A charge of 25$ per address above 1 will be charged for this service.

How soon can I have my sample collected?

Because we have sample collection sites all over Canada, we will be able to schedule an appointment for you quickly - often on the same day that you call. Please call 1 800 830-6306 to make arrangements right away.


When will my results be ready?

You can check your results using our online results login. Each test requires a different amount of time to be processed and completed. Please refer to the testing information page for test specific information. If you have a pending court date and time is of the essence, you could opt for money-back time delivery guarantee, in which we will complete your test by the date you specify to us. Please call 1 800 830-6306 to discuss your express service options with one of our knowledgeable case managers.

Will my test results be legally binding?

We strictly adheres to the chain of custody procedure, and this makes our test results legally defensible. Many of our patients use their test results for legal purposes such as child custody, child support, immigration, Social insurance benefit claims, inheritance claims, and more. You must select or perform the legal/official test.