Farrah Abraham and other celebrities to charge upwards $99 to have their DNA on your chest


Date: 16/06/2015


Celebrity Gene is a company that creates jewelry from DNA. The company has recently partnered with Farrah Abraham to liquify part of her DNA into a series of conservation vials that can be worn as pendants around the neck.

Reportedly, the star was paid $30,000 upfront for her DNA sample and will receive a 10% cut of all sales. The DNA of other celebrities is also available as a pendant. In the list, we can find the DNA of Michael Jackson, Princess Diana and Elvis.

Celebrity Gene’s website claims that the purpose of the endeavor is to raise awareness about the important role that DNA has in finding the cure. Celebrities select a charitable cause and a part of the proceeds from the sale of the genetic jewelry will go to that cause. It further mentions that wearing the DNA of a famous person can create a special connection with him or her. A fact disputed by scientists.


Many celebrities are wearing the necklace in public already. For example, Annabella Gutman, was wearing it at the 2015 Los Angeles Walk To End MS Celebrity Kick Off Event.